Producer, media manager and influencer – Yan Truntsev is one of the most promising young producers in Eastern Europe.


Influencers dominate in the social medias. One of these young influencers, gaining fame and fans recognition, is Yan Truntsev. He is a popular blogger on social networks, an experienced marketing specialist, and a successful celebrity and blogger producer.

Brief introduction:

Yan Truntsev, born on February 24, elaborates and implements projects in different marketing spheres. He is a producer, media manager and the founder of the marketing agency called How Much Is the Fish Agency with set up offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the United States. The agency provides advertising, PR, artists, and bloggers promotion services. Yan graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia with the degree in advertising and public relations. He frequently attends global media events in Europe and America as a guest and a prominent speaker at the international conferences and business events. He shares the moments of his professional life and business development on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Yan’s Business Nature:

Yan Truntsev is an adept in various advertising services, he manages his own marketing team, which is accountable for clients’ relations from different industries. He also manages advertising managers, SMM/PR departments, which oversee advertising campaigns planning and executing. Yan unites and guides his team to deliver the best results.

One of the most important directions in the business of HMF Agency is building and promotion personal brand awareness of artists and bloggers in the markets. The agency also assists its celebrities with formal procedures related to business and navigates them in a professional career planning. The agency’s relationships with artists, bloggers, producers, directors, casting directors and clients are sincere, complex and long-term.

 Artists and bloggers, who are working with HMF, can enjoy and benefit from the agency in a PR strategy elaboration and execution, commercial representation and personal management, digital services, legal and accounting support, consulting, as well as their projects production, promotion and events organization.

Yan Truntsev has well-established contacts and partnerships with leading Russian and international print and digital medias, TV channels, radio stations, film companies, social and business events holders, advertising, digital and event agencies.

The overview of online activities

Recently, Yan Truntsev filmed in the new show “Cyber ethics” as an expert and shared his valuable insights on socially significant issue related to cyberbullying in the media sphere. The show was broadcasted on social networks in YouTube, Instagram and VK.

The show brings up such important topics as how to behave properly on the Internet, how to protect your social networks, as well as the impact of cyberbullying on the psychological and physical health of Internet users.

The media manager Yan Truntsev has strong influence on Facebook and Instagram, where from time to time he shares his experience and success stories, his agency HMF projects results and insights. He has become very famous for his social media content and many regional and international companies have expressed their high recognition and trust for delivered marketing services. HMF Agency has cooperated with the clients from the brands like TikTok – TikTok Cinema Academy project, Friday TV and TNT channels of Gazprom-Media holding, CHILL web cinema, Seven Days publishing house, media resource The Digital Reporter, as well as international festivals Moscow International Film Festival, Realist web fest and Webfest Berlin festivals, Coroche short films festival and others.


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