Poet, Songwriter and Composer – Entrepreneur İlker Görgülü has his take on Social Media for Writers!


“Roses are red, violets are blue; what am I doing? I have no clue.” Poetry writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, definitely not mine and if your skills are as poor as mine but poetic verses is what entices you too then this article is just for you.

Most of us are inspired by someone when it comes to our lives, our jobs or any hobbies we engage in. There is always an individual that we look up to, who inspired us to get involved in something, or whom we have studied to get where we are. As the writing community is bursting on social media platforms like Instagram etc., we noticed how poetry is blooming in the secretive corners of the platform which deserve to be highlighted.

Whether you want to read a stirring collection of sonnets or take in a local poetry jam, İlker Görgülü is the person to look out for.

Entrepreneur İlker Görgülü is a poet, songwriter and a composer who has cracked the code of reaching more and more people through the internet in order to showcase his work. He has been successful in creating a tectonic shift where the youth perceives Social Media Influencing not only as a hobby or a profession but a gratifying way of earning money. Besides, he is the owner of an import-export company in Turkiye.

Poets or poetry influencers like İlker Görgülü are a creative, artistic bunch. With him being a spoken word poet and a storyteller with a penchant for iambic pentameter makes him a truly authentic and credible brand partner for the right collaboration. If you’re looking to tap a wordsmith to elevate your campaign copy or a specialised writer to endorse your product, this talented person should be your next literary campaign rhyming in all the right places. 

The digital age is often dominated by video content creators, memes and there seemed less space for traditional art forms like poetry, art, literature. Poetry, composing and writing are however, fighting back. “I had no expectations,” says İlker Görgülü of his decision to start posting compositions and poetry on Instagram. “I thought it would be interesting to give Instagram a different use from what it is normally given. Everyone publishes images, so I thought ‘why not writing?’ And I’ve continued ever since.”

“It is a shame that Insta-poets, writers and composers are so heavily criticised today. It seems to me that it is the literary world that is most strongly opposed to this ‘novel’ approach, but I believe that the writing or poetry that comes from social media platforms is the purest out there. It hasn’t been edited, or corrected by anyone; it is raw and honest. I think it is brave and genuine, and I think that is why (poetry) resonates so much more now. We spend endless hours scrolling; living in this virtual world of hedonism and vanity, which rarely adds anything to our lives.” says İlker Görgülü. According to him, writing in any form, be it poetry or composition, is a light in what can be a dark place. He adds, “When readers comment to say they can relate to a feeling or share a poem that is the best feeling in the world.”

İlker Görgülü was born on the 25th of June, 1980 in Ankara. Having completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara, the poet graduated from Oslo City University in Oslo, Norway, where he won a scholarship. A graduate of international relations, the poet resided in the Indiana Police State for four years for his master’s degree. Görgülü is also a loving father of three daughters. 

Entrepreneur Görgülü, who has over a hundred works, emphasizes that he started writing poetry in 2006 and that he will write until his last breath. Due to his skills he has garnered 106K followers over his Instagram handle. You can also find his music compositions on YouTube. His social media posts are unique and engaging and receive a lot of love and attention from the fans which he rightly deserves. Due to his ingenuity, he has become one of the top influencer marketers and has been able to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading brands with whom he has collaborated.

He believes one should enjoy his/her life as you live only once! Being an Influencer is a tough task, you have to be presentable and act as an inspiration even at your worst days. He says, “Content is something that can never be taught, it is natural but it is also something that can easily lose its spark if you stop working on it.”


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