One Side The Craftsman of Atlanta


This youthful craftsman has been on the drudgery for a really long time yet has as of late been making a buzz in the business with his gathering of new deliveries. With singles like “Genuine Precious stones” – which has piled up in excess of 250,000 perspectives since its delivery and “Own Arrangement” – which likewise has 200,000 or more perspectives – this hot youthful craftsman is rapidly becoming famous as one of the top Atlanta specialists.

With his new single “Supervisor Up,” he’s prepared to burst out of the Atlanta scene and onto the worldwide stage.

Made in Def Star Studios possessed by famous maker Dun Arrangement, “Supervisor Up” is a playful club banger that is ideally suited for the mid year. The video for the single brings a great deal of energy and welcomes individuals to join the hot ladies on the screen as they dance and shake and partake in the music. It’s a tune that, similar to the title would recommend, tells the world exactly the amount of a manager he is and how he’s bringing that eye catching energy to the business in significant ways.

“There are many levels to this world we’re living in, and this is my perspective of bossing up amidst that,” One Side said. “I’m here to show the cynics what you can do once you set your attention to it. Eventually I need to show individuals that there’s more than one side of life. You don’t need to succumb to the conditions of your life. There’s more than one kind of lifestyle choice, so don’t make due with less.”

More than anything that commitment and hard working attitude comes through while paying attention to One Side’s music. His sound catches a mix of classifications, with a vocal tone that is completely clear and entrancing. The songs that he can hit are remarkable, yet his lyricism fans truly appreciate. At the point when he’s in the studio, an extremely specific. he’s known as a craftsman. He maintains that each and every line should be heard and felt through the hearts of anyone who tunes in. By talking on life circumstances that are appealing to many individuals all through the world, he’s ready to associate in manners that rouse others to feel invigorated and know that they’re not alone.

One Side said he has a lot of unreleased music in his vault that he intends to impart to the world throughout the following couple of long stretches of time. Notwithstanding “Manager Up,” he said his record “Genuine Jewels” is likewise accessible across every streaming stage and has been getting a great deal of buzz from sites and radio broadcasts across the U.S.

To pay attention to One Side’s music, or to follow him via virtual entertainment, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the accompanying connections:

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