Meet Powerhouse | Luhanna Mostajo


The computerized age has extended the world’s viewpoints more than ever. It has made new enterprises, and thus, individuals presently have a plenty of choices to look over vocation wise. Thusly, many are leaned to seek after a calling that uses the web-based circle, including virtual entertainment character Luhanna Mostajo.

The renowned force to be reckoned with has an astounding devotee count of 335,000 on Instagram. What makes it more great is that the young lady used to have 6,000 supporters in the barely a year ago, and inside that period, she had the option to quickly develop her following.

What’s more, she is likewise an expert model who has worked with enormous design companies like Style Nova, Missy Domain, Dolls Kill, and March, among others. Also, she posts amazing photographs on her web-based entertainment pages and elevates different brands to her adherents.

She frequently goes to loosen up and remunerate herself for accomplishing striking achievements in her day to day existence and vocation. The courageous individual has been to a few spots across and outside the country.

Luhanna Mostajo’s monstrous achievement is verification that the powerhouse scene has detonated throughout the long term. The business figured out how to build up some decent forward movement in the beyond two years when the pandemic hit. With everybody being compelled to remain at home, various ambitious people have chosen to capitalize on the circumstance and fabricate their own brands.

Consequently, the bonafide powerhouse needs to impart her mastery in the business to the people who need to have a flourishing profession as a force to be reckoned with. When requested to share a recommendation desiring forces to be reckoned with, the keen lady shared, “I need to motivate other youngsters to go out and chip away at their fantasies and themselves. A many individuals are anxious about venturing out into business and frightened of fizzling. Be that as it may, the greatest mix-up you can make in life isn’t to attempt.”

Luhanna Mostajo realizes how testing it tends to be to assemble a group of people and develop one’s compass. At the point when she was all the while beginning, she additionally encountered various difficulties. By the by, she continued and worked her direction to the top. Presently, she has magnificently laid down a good foundation for herself as one of the top powerhouses in her space.

Assuming there is one thing that individuals can gain from the affirmed young lady chief, it is her steady assurance to be better. She is continuously dealing with becoming her best self. This extraordinary point of view helps her visit committed to her objectives and targets.

Beside being a motivation to other people and proceeding with her profession as a model and powerhouse, the hard worker is likewise keen on becoming a realtor. She is enthused about building a venture with different floods of income.

The unique vocation lady has huge designs for the future, and she sees herself scaling her prosperity ten times. Fans and supporters ought to be keeping watch for Luhanna Mostajo’s upcoming endeavors as she keeps on investigating previously unheard-of drives.



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