Fana Hues |Singer-Lyricist delivers new “PIECES”


Craftsman Fana Hues is back with her most recent single, “Pieces” following her widely praised 2020 EP, Hues.

The single, which was created by Tim Maxey, addresses the ups and downs of a muddled and harmed relationship. Sonically, the music takes you through these perplexing feelings, matching sweet cherishing songs with verses in which Fana questions her identity and whether this relationship is solid.

“‘Pieces’ is about a divided relationship,” says Fana. “Seeing the light and dull in somebody and being at a junction of do I stay or do I go. A quest for lucidity, a sign in the sand.”

The single accompanies a video coordinated by Phillip Youmans which will be discharge simultaneously with the melody. The video further summons the fantasy like and profound energy of “Pieces,” highlighting Fana and others acting in an ability show in front of an audience, the spotlight glaring down on them as they perform different stunts, including bubble blowing and dealing with a strong Python. Matched with the verses, the video represents the sensation of expecting to perform, to continually try to accomplish other things to persuade your darling and yourself that this relationship is correct. As it were, the actual relationship turns into its very own exhibition.

Delivered today, November ninth, “Pieces” is accessible at this point.

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