Art Advisor, Flavia Millen, has her take on the skills needed to succeed in the field. Through her social media, she curates Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle; taking the business to another level.


The role of the art advisor has exploded in recent years. The expertise and help they provide have become essential to art lovers, whom nowadays are too busy to do the adequate work and research. Celebrity art collectors also need an “art wing(wo)man” considering their hectic lifestyles from filming in tropical and exotic places and musicians going on tour… when can one find the time? Consequently, they also require trusted and (very) private art advisors to help build their collection to their acquired taste. But where do you find one amidst the ocean of professionals? Well, today we will talk about entrepreneur Flavia Millen, a renowned Art Advisor who has taken her profession to the next level.

Flavia Millen is one of the leading and most popular Art Advisors from Sao Paulo Brazil entreated by people from all sections of life, be it celebrities or A-Listers. She is the founder of the Millen Escritorio De Arte who uses her social media to curate and share Art, Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion content with her strong community, as a blogger/influencer. Besides, she is a Digital Creator who, through Social Media Marketing, has been able to connect with the public as well as the brands who have collaborated with her due to her rising popularity.

Today the art market is constantly growing. More and more collectors are choosing to acquire works of art, enriching their collection out of passion or to diversify their investments. For this reason, collectors often need an Art Advisor, a professional figure able to support them in the creation, management and enhancement of their collection in total safety.” says entrepreneur Flavia Millen. So what are the basics skills needed to succeed as an Art Advisor? Read further to know what she has to say.

Key Testimonials

According to Flavia, an art advisor should be a connoisseur—an expert on art with the experience and scholarship to back it up. “As the role requires knowledge of the art world, ideally an art advisor should be someone who has held positions at an art gallery, a museum, an auction house, or another art institution, or has received substantive education about art history and the art market. In addition to possessing the right experience and knowledge, an art advisor should also have a positive reputation in the field and established relationships with galleries and other art sources.” says Flavia Millen.

No formal rules but a code of ethics

Although there is no formal regulatory body for art advisors, there are trade organizations that have established rules for their members. “A code of ethics for the field maintains that first and foremost, an art advisor should only serve the needs of the client. As such, art advisors are discouraged from holding inventory, acting as private dealers, or accepting additional compensation—from an artist, vendor, or a gallery—that could create a conflict of interest.” says Flavia Millen.

So, what makes a good art advisor?

According to Flavia Millen, it’s a profession that requires a multitude of skills. To start with, an art advisor should be a good listener – someone who can understand the needs of their client. This also means that it is not the personal aesthetic of the advisor but that of the client that should take precedence. Just as important is the advisor’s business acumen and knowledge of the art market. “Acquiring a work of art is, after all, a business transaction. An art advisor should, therefore, understand the market value of a work, conduct due diligence on pricing, quality, and provenance, and be a good negotiator.” says Flavia. She adds, “But it doesn’t end there. A good art advisor also needs to know what to do after the transaction—from framing, installing, and lighting the work to insuring, cataloguing, and loaning out pieces from the collection.”

How to find clients?

With the advent of the internet there’s nothing that’s stopping art advisors from privately exhibiting their skills and work. Instagram and Twitter are great social media platforms for this purpose. “Digital marketing for art advisors is easy and economical. If you learn the right techniques and tips, you can make the most of your marketing budget. You can see the results of your marketing campaign in real-time. The marketing campaign can also be controlled and manipulated and new changes implemented instantly.” says Flavia Millen. She adds, “Unless and until your face, your work and your talent doesn’t pop up every time a person is scrolling his or her social media, people will not know about you! And last but not the least: Connect! Attend industry events, gallery openings, auctions, and lectures, and meet with fellow art world professionals.”

Entrepreneur Flavia Millen was born on February 5, 1981 in Brazil. She studied advertising and marketing at Sao Paulo’s Fundaçao Armando Alvares Penteado. She also attended Karlovie Universita in Prague, Czech Republic, where she studied history and art theory. She is worth USD 1.5 Million as of 2022 and still counting! Due to her business commitments, she lives between Brazil and Belgium.

Entrepreneur Flavia Millen is an ardent Art, Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion blogger too. Her social media is full of posts depicting her experiences, be it the latest fashion trends or the destinations which she visits or the latest art piece she liked. Due to her unique activities, she has garnered 129K followers on her Instagram handle in a short span of time! Her profile displays a platform of photos and videos about art, fashion, travel and lifestyle and keeps her audience busy. She shares her ideas, tells inspiring stories and effective tips to empower and educate women, and addresses the aesthetics of art. She says, “I felt the responsibility to always offer new content and storytelling so I can reach more people all over the world. I want my stories to be a huge influence on their lives. Alongside all this, she deals with many brands and endorses their products. And why not! Who wouldn’t want their products to have Flavia as their face!

Entrepreneur Flavia Millen, a wily digital content creator, produces entertaining or educational material that caters to the interests and challenges of his target audience. “Creating great content that really resonates with your target audience requires you to know what’s going on in your trade.” says Flavia. She has established credibility in her areas or field (art, fashion, travel and lifestyle) which she shares with her audiences over social networks. She has built strong relationships on social channels and has respected opinions about the products and services which she recommends. Brands work with her to build awareness, promote product launches, answer questions from potential customers, generate content, offer discounts, and encourage sales. The command of entrepreneur Flavia Millen comes from her reach with large and engaged groups of followers and the level of authenticity she has on her platforms.


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