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22 September 2023
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How Lewis Raymond Taylor was finally released from prison after serving a third sentence.

Lewis Raymond Taylor has never been like the majority of people, though most people would never associate freedom with prison. Taylor experienced what he would describe as a "significant life point" while serving his third violent crime sentence at the age of 24. He realized then that if he wanted to be free, he needed to change and take responsibility for his circumstances. He has since built a life of absolute freedom for himself and assisted thousands of others in doing the same. The "Significant Life Point" that changed everything Taylor was suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, sexual abuse,...
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The Way Forward for Online Fit Pros Is Paved by Sean Garner

Few industries have escaped the online revolution in an era when time is becoming...



Be A Franchise Partner of Go Courier & Earn 1-1.5 Lac Per Month from your Home Town

The courier and logistics business is booming in India right now. From huge, established businesses to small startups, everyone needs courier services for their products to reach their buyers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed exponential growth in the courier business. So, no wonder people are looking to start their own courier franchise. Among them “Go Courier” is one such company in demand for Delivery Franchise. All of the major e-Commerce giants, including Amazon, eBay, Jabong, Healthkart, Flipkart, Meesho and Snapdeal, are connected to Go Courier. Every day you will receive 100+ Parcels for your local area delivery if you...

Meet the most popular entrepreneur | Jonathan Seller

Meet Jonathan Seller CEO of SecondTri Media the most well-known entrepreneur. Jonathan Seller is a Christian entrepreneur based in Michigan. Jonathan started out as a...

Meet the most well-known entrepreneur: BRIAN BREACH.

How a worldwide viral video turned into ongoing opportunities for Brian Breach Prior to performing hip-hop, Breach performed. How Brian Breach Converted a Globally Viral...


Gain knowledge and sharpen your skills with Creative Designer.

Foreign Affairs

Meet The Most Famous  Host and TV Judge – Sharna Burgess

Having some time off! Sharna Burgess is zeroing in on parenthood and making a stride back from Dancing With the Stars in front of season 31. 'Hitting the dance floor with the Stars' Season 31 on Disney+: Everything to Know "After significant discussions and bunches of reasoning and sincerely attempting to sit with what was correct … I have pursued the truly hard choice to avoid the season this time of Dancing With the Stars," the 37-year-old artist said in an Instagram Story video on Wednesday, August 31. "There has been a rundown that was delivered saying that I would be...

Steinfeld Tipped to Appear in More MCU Projects After Hawkeye

For over 10 years, Wonder Studios have mostly centered around delivering content for theaters, yet the recent years have seen them discharge shows associated...

Rep. Karen Bass’ Los Angeles home broken into, two guns taken

On Friday night, a robbery at the home of Rep. Karen Bass finished with two guns taken. The news was uncovered in a proclamation delivered...

World News

Meet craftsman | Jessie Murph

As I stayed there gazing into the Zoom interview, I could scarcely accept Jessie Murph was just 16 years of age at that point,...

Meet the most well known Style Master & Teacher | Dennis Kenney

HOW DENNIS KENNEY Worked with movement Business Truly, everything researched where everyone is attempting to show up, obviously, to be each and every other individual,...


Tedi Ticic Deciphering his Outcome in Digital Currency Market

Achievement has no set recipe. It is the combination of involvement, expertise, and ability that assists with overcoming all difficulties to arise as a champ. The narrative of Tedi Ticic looks like this. Conceived and raised in Croatia, Tedi Ticic had a truly unassuming beginning as he ventured into the cryptographic money market in 2016. In those days, the cryptographic money market was not so well known among retail and institutional financial backers since everybody had serious doubts about its future development potential. Tedi Ticic was an exemption among them. He dared to move against the tide and had...

Abdullah Fareed Alhafith : Ace Entrepreneur and Pro Soccer Player who plays as an Excellent Defender in the Ittihad Saudi Club.

Almost each and everyone of us today, would be pursuing something or the other with their heart, mind and soul. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of "what could have been" if we had chosen our dreams over...

Mohammed Suliman Rashid Albadi : The Ace Entrepreneur who is an Inspiration to the Young Talents looking forward to make their Bussinesses

Almost each and everyone of us today, would be pursuing something or the other with their heart, mind and soul. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once...